Sunday, January 29, 2006


My little brother . .
I think he's holding a Neo pet,
just like Jordan!

What could i possibly say!!!!!!

Bonnie's Daschel. This is what my dream puppy looked like when i was little and wished.

:) !



Blogger fairclavicle said...

I didn't realize how young he was!...really strange to me...I hope that you are able to be his place of refuge. His eye/eyebrow shape is very similar to yours. God, I think that the biological emergency to reproduce is horrible and deceptive, adn I want to ask if that urge is lessened with having a small brother... I know that we both talked about children and how they take youthfulness for granted and I am literally jealous of them...haha..sometimes i used to fear that being an endomorph would force me to have children. I think that is my body type. Oh well.
I withdrew from my video art class! I didn't realize how biased I was against it!!! The decision to take it was made by patricia. How are your sisters doing??

10:16 AM  
Blogger glowsofelsewhere said...

hi there! I cant get in touch with my little sister. Not since my last 4 minute conversation with her in december. I try calling her alteast every other day and more and theres never any answer. not even an answering machine. Bonnie will move from her ocean to the asheville after the spring.
Yes! isn't it so weird about children and babies nad people? I just cant help but ask the parents, to myself,.. what the hell were you thinking? Whyt he hell didn't you think? and obvious questions like that. The only answer that coems to mind as acceptable, was bjork's in dancer int he dark. "i wanted to hold a baby in my arms" I feel like i could let her character's decision/action slide. . . but not many others.

Thank goodness youre doing what you wnat! I don't know why cheesy-stink PB is still your advisor honestly C! But i read on a whole foods magazine cover, that "difficult people are our best teachers" so maybe youre jsut trying to receive the highest 'education' in which anyone on this planet has ever received possible, or else she scares you or else you are practicing to deal with the crazy of crazies~ in which case i salute you for your bravery and willingness to cope with true impossibility to the eighth power. I would think anyone else would simply be beating themselves up via *not* changing advisors, but maybe you somehow *can* benefit from it somehow no matter how nonconventional and removed from your academic schedule is concerned! :) (Im trying to open my mind more with this)
I hope you are doing well and that your classes you are taking of your own decision are enriching and fortifying and fullfilling and excellent. Have you heard anything new about art therapy in the states at all? I need to be more in the loop. Its my future. Ill keep you posted if i hear anything noteworthy for fellow art therapists! Ill keep you posted after i get settled into my non ghetto non scary house. :)

inadvertant gypsy eireann

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