Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DM ( in DC: 12.09.05)

So guess who took *this* picture of Dave Gahan.... Hehehe!!!!Are you still guessing? Its hard to imagine that someone could take a picture like this, with a throw-away camera. . .But i did. :)

I relaly like this one. The trick, is of course, NOT using a flash ever. This has been my idea all along!!! Not to mention, it blinds the performer a whole lot less.

This was so wonderful!

Martin with his skirt and black angel wings. . . This was after they played "HOME". It was then that he took off his black mohawk furry hat thing, and stopped being very sad. . . He was happy for the rest of the show!

Im still waiting for it to sink in, that ive been there and experiences them live, up close finally and magically! yaye!

I hope you can click ont he larger huge version which i uploaded, but im not sure it works like that. I like this! weeee!

During one of the first pics i posted, where DG is holding someone's hand from the audience,... as they played "Goodnight Lovers", I touched his boot for like 20 seconds. His toes were really int here! They were real! the whole band! Im so silly...

One of us got one of the setlists fromthe stage, and after 2 encores (thatwere apparantly planned!!.. ~ i screamed my voice gone, for nothing?!?!?!?) At the end, Dave said "see you next time". Interesting.
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Blogger fairclavicle said...

I just listened to your pretty voice on voicemail. It would seem that you have been fairly tranquil--could it have been...the concert?? I giggled when I saw the front row photos. I think that you made a statement, once, about having little money, though you could always spare some for the sake of music. I sent a $20 bill in the mail (I now know that is not the smartest)to a group in canada that I liked a lot. Thank you for your kind encouragement:). In case of adrift-communication, I wish you a happy MOVE-IN!. I'm sure that the bunnies will love it and grow even thicker fur (or has winter already affected them?). Thanks again for calling!!

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