Monday, October 10, 2005

Ophelia Ohfuchsia : same difference

I scanned a pretty leaf from a sidewalk while waiting for a bus after work today. That was many hours ago.

Happy to document the first leaf of fall which ive collected. :) Then, bc the wind burned my skin from the wind and rain while on the bike, to add to handsoapburn from when i used some to wash my face after biking up a gradual 4.5 mile hill the other night.... I decided to make alot of this look painting-like.

I really like this blogthing already. Ill do my best at posting relevant material, now that its begun, *when* Im able to get to internet. Probably once a week.

October Tenth ... "In the Beginning, It is Always dark..."

Its Oktober yet again. These keep happenning i say... Years gone by in empty days, with wrinkles the only marker of continued life. You could count them, like in tree stumps, but now there are more than one for every year. The last few 've made up for wrinkles tenfold, incase the youth years thought they could slip through to be left unchanged, unruined.

Im making a comeback in life. And though its really busy, its so rewarding and worth it for the soonish future. That good news must be let out. and now it is so.